South Australia

South Australia is a diverse state made up mostly of dramatic arid and semi-arid country known as the Outback. There are areas of greener land towards the beautiful coastline and along Australia’s longest river, the mighty Murray. The vibrant capital city, Adelaide, was a planned colony rather than a convict settlement like most other Australian state capitals. The state is known for its wines, produce and major festivals and sporting events.

The capital of South Australia, Adelaide (population 1.3 million), is a vibrant, culturally diverse city. Thriving bars and restaurants serve local produce and some of the country’s best wines, sourced from surrounding vineyards. Adelaide is an outdoor kind of place with wide boulevards and large public squares intersecting its grid-like centre, as well as extensive parklands and several beaches. The city is known as the festival capital of Australia, and has many major events on its calendar. The city houses some of Australia’s best galleries, including the Art Gallery of South Australia, which has the second largest collection of Australian and international artworks in the country, after Melbourne’s National Gallery of Victoria. The nearby South Australian Museum has the largest collection of Australian Aboriginal artefacts in the world.

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